Hello! This is some work from my technical portfolio. Thanks for taking a look.


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My LinkedIn Profile
My Résumé (Résumé.xhtml)
My interactive résumé, describing over 10 years of professional experience.
My private, hybrid cloud, in operation since the early 2000s.

Coding Samples

BackupVMs (BackupVMs.ps1)
From 0 to PowerShell in 6 hours. This is my first PowerShell script -- it was so easy. This script is tested and in production. In addition to making backups, it also mounts and unmounts backup disks (using file I/O to look for disk signatures) and manages VM run state, tasks which are essential in my environment.
CookieJar (cookiejar.js, cookiejar-test.js)
This ECMAScript object is designed to enable developers to easily work with HTTP Cookies in runtime environments that expose the cookie property of the HTMLDocument interface. A unit-test function member is included in an additional file. Both are released into the public domain.

One of my first Applesoft/ProDOS (read MICROSOFT) BASIC programs, ca. 1992. Oh my goodness, the ways that I could critique it -- these days. Still trying to determine the upper-bounds of an integer variable after all these years. (I still run this code from time to time.) 296,211,800 and counting (somewhat slowly and quickly at 2.8MHz.)

IsPalindrome (IsPalindrome.cs, IsPalindrome.groovy, IsPalindrome.java)
A method that determines whether the input string is a palindrome or not. Test cases included. Now available in three languages.
nodejs-sample (nodejs-sample, nodejs-sample.js)
A very simple node.js sample.
Queue (Queue.cs, QueueTest.cs)
A queue class with unit tests.
Triangles (Triangles.cs)
A static method for determining the type of a triangle based on the inputs of the lengths of it's sides. Includes test cases.
xfrchk (xfrchk.cpp)
This C++ program is designed to verify I/O bus integrity by performing a series of comparative read and write operations on random access block storage devices while bypassing system caching mechanisms. Somewhat hacky and hardcoded. Includes exciting commentary decrying Mr. Torvald's engineering advice.