Josh Moyer began coding in Apple’s dialect of Microsoft BASIC at least as early as 1992.  In the late 90’s he began experimenting with C and PERL and UNIX shell (tcsh) scripts and version control with rcs and sccs.  He published his first HTML website in about 1997.  Developing his first piece of batch test setup automation for the Microsoft Exchange team in 1999, he also began to learn about NT kernel debugging with cdb, and ntsd.

Somewhere around 2000, he published his first commercial website for a maritime client.  The site, which was based on HTML 4 and CSS 2, was in operation for over a decade and received several updates and feature enhancements.  He continued to dabble in scripting to automate systems administration tasks in 2001.

In 2002, he developed his first high-profile piece of automation that automated the handling and closure of relatively large numbers of certain classes of provisioning tickets via scripted user simulation with VBScript (or was it JScript?) using the Windows Scripting Host.

In 2006, he wrote a bash script to help reproduce an issue with the Microsoft Server for NFS.  Also in 2006, he began to learn about debugging compiled programs with WinDBG and gdb and also learned about linked lists.

In 2007, Josh’s interest in programming became more serious and he produced his first C# and ASP.Net web service for a large private client.  This code also featured automated functional and scalability tests using nUnit (or was it Visual Studio?) as well as an HTML UI and SQL Server backend via ADO.Net.  He started writing but did not complete a multi-part MIME e-mail parser, in part due to the lack of multiple inheritance in C#.

In 2008, he had another project where he ported an extensive piece of WMI leveraging JScript into VBScript, with the addition of a logging module, a command line parser and a small C# shim.  He also revisited working on VBScript in WSH based user simulation, all in the name of scalability testing and while getting to work on SourceDepot.

In 2009, he began working on new websites, heavy on the JavaScript, SSI, SVG, XHTML, with some ASP.Net, and a little bit of C# which is in production today, has received numerous updates and upgrades in the years since and hosts his code sample repository and his private cloud site, where he is currently working on debugging the beta logo effects.  This site also contains his first non-trivial C++ system program.

In 2014-2017, Josh Moyer:

He thinks he has enough experience to warrant placement at least at the junior level in the development track and hopes that you agree.