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Notice and Waiver of Rights and Idemnification

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I waive my right to be informed of data breaches and agree to indemnify NODOMAIN.NET from liability and damages that may result.

NODOMAIN.NET will not make acessible to IP packet originators their archived packets. It is the responsibility of the originator to archive their packets at the time of origination and also to be aware of their contents.

I waive my right to access and review my Shared Information that is stored on NODOMAIN.NET systems.

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In 1995 I had my initial exposure to TCP/IP, Ethernet, WLAN, et. al. and various server technologies such as UNIX, NT, HTTP, FTP, NNTP, SMTP, POP3 and DNS. (I maintain 4 personal, heterogenous DNS servers to this day, with a split horizon and DNSSEC coming someday.) This was all while working in technical support and systems administration where I first began learning the importance of customer centricity – more on that later.

In 1999 I had the first of numerous assignments with Microsoft (and also elsewhere) where I continued to learn and build on my earlier skills while picking up new skills with Active Directory, NIS, NFS, FC SAN, Exchange, Hyper-V and SQL. Starting in quality assurance as a manual tester, I developed a keen eye for quality, becoming well skilled in that discipline, while also gradually increasing focus on development and scale. I briefly served as a co-chair in committee to the board for an employee resource group.

I started programming in 1988 or earlier and became more serious and skilled in the years after 2006. As you can see at my portfolio site and on my resume, I have worked with C/C++, Java, .Net, UNIX and Windows shell scripting (among others) and have more extensive and recent experience with C#, PowerShell, XHTML and JavaScript. My personal web and cloud sites – as well as my resume – offer an extensive demonstration of the latter-two, especially.

Circa 2010 I began to develop an interest in civics and leadership and was regularly attending and learning from city and county council meetings. I am enamored with the parliamentary process because of the caliber of dialogue and general professionalism of those elected, as well as love for the process. I regularly watch various proceedings as a major component of my television viewing.

In 2014 I continued to deepen my understanding of scale in cloud operations with a top-tier support role at Google, where I was known both for the quantity and quality of my casework, especially after travelling to Cambridge to train with and for leading office hours of our Stackdriver (née for AWS) monitoring and diagnostics team. I worked with the entire Google Cloud Platform at the time, including PaaS/IaaS, machine templating, big data, storage, load balancing and containers, among other technologies.

Most recently, I have returned to Microsoft and have been working on CI/CD build systems with git, proprietary and REST based tooling and Azure and Azure DevOps. So far, I have produced automation to completely automate our security update process, built a security auditing process and the automation for it and have started working on a build metrics solution, as well. I have also recently been working with L2TP and IPsec tunneling with X.509 CAs and have had partial success with those in my lab.