Josh Moyer got his start in systems administration and engineering in 1995 rotating the tapes for an online BBS and helping their customers install and configure their IP stacks and clients, eventually becoming a lead for Mac OS support. Later that same decade, he began working as a systems administrator at a larger ISP where he assumed the responsibility of BIND DNS hostmaster and SWIP admin, while also supporting sendmail, popd, NCSA & Apache httpd and IIS, RAS and a RIPv2 point to point wireless network on a combination of UNIX, Linux and Windows NT machines.

Around the turn of the century, he started working at Microsoft for the Exchange team where he picked up valuable skills in the Betas of Active Directory and Exchange 2000 – the first SMTP native release. Continuing on through the first decade of the century, he accumulated additional experience with and reinforced his systems administration skills by performing HPNA circuit installation and termination, supporting the NOC with ATM switches, adding scripting and programming skills, software distribution and imaging, Group Policy, some SharePoint 1.0 and in 2008 he got to work at scale with a large, single host VDI deployment using Microsoft’s Hyper-V.

Most recently, he served as an expert advisor to professional IT admins and developers who use the Google Cloud Platform, where he learned about operating at cloud-scale, including responding to critical production incidents and continued to draw on his past experience.

In his spare time, he has for at least a decade operated his extensive and heavily virtualized home network, which he uses as a training lab. Recently he has been working on deploying PKI and IPSec and has deployed into the cloud while retaining on-prem services. You can learn more about that by visiting